81 Day - Bi-Color
Super Sweet (sh2)

SV9010SA combines great taste with the best insect control traits available. In addition to offering dual modes of action for management of above-ground insect pests, control of below-ground insect pests and tolerance to Roundup WeatherMAX® and Roundup PowerMAX® herbicides, this hybrid also contains the RpG & Rp1D* genes which provide high resistance to common rust. This high yielding bicolor has superior eating quality and excellent shipability. 

Ear Length: 8.5"
Ear Diameter: 1.7"
Ear Height: 24"
Number Rows: 18-20
Plant Height: 81"

Disease Ratings: High Resistance to PS:(Rp1-D + RpG) (Common Rust)
Intermediate Resistance to Northern Corn Leaf Blight and Stewart's Wilt