81 Day - Bi-Color
Super Sweet (sh2)

With insect control traits, Obsession II sweet corn hybrid maintains the same great taste and eating quality of conventional Obsession. Obsession II is one of several fresh market sweet corn hybrids with dual modes-of-action for management of select above ground insect pests, control of select below-ground insect pests and crop safety to in-crop applications of Roundup WeatherMAX® and Roundup PowerMAX® agricultural herbicides. 

Ear Length: 8.5"
Ear Diameter: 1.7"
Ear Height: 24"
Number Rows: 18-20
Plant Height: 81"

Disease Ratings: High Resistance to PS:(Rp1-D) (Common Rust)
Intermediate Resistance to Northern Corn Leaf Blight and Stewart's Wilt