73 Day - Bi-Color
Super Sweet (sh2)


Anthem II is an early SH2 bicolor hybrid with excellent yield potential and eating quality. Anthem II is one of several Performance Series® sweet corn fresh markethybrids with dual modes of action for management of select above-ground insect pests, a single mode of action for control of select below-ground insect pests and crop safety to in-crop applications of Roundup WeatherMAX®, Roundup PowerMAX®* and Roundup PowerMAX® II*agricultural herbicides. This product shows solid performance in cold soils due to strong seedling vigor and is a perfect option for shipping and/or fresh market outlets.

Ear Length: 8"
Ear Diameter: 1.8"
Ear Height: 20"
Number Rows: 16-18
Plant Height: 61"

Disease Ratings: